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Peter is an Army Veteran and hails from Chicago, IL.  Peter is video game enthusiast with a deep passion for Sci-Fi and action. He is a proud father of 2. His other loves include the Chicago Bears/Cubs/Bulls, writing, and anything tech related. His hobbies include building computers, streaming on Twitch, and working out. He believes in a healthy lifestyle but will not deny himself the finer things in life I.E. he still eats pizza and cheeseburgers.


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Josh Wick is on the brink of 30, developed his passion of all things nerd at a very young age. DuckHunt and Super Mario being among the first games he made contact with. As time progressed his love of nerd culture grew and evolved along with him citing inspiration and drive from the charachter he would interact with.He enlisted in the military at 18 and still serves today. He is a devoted father to his son Liam and husband to his wife April. Owner of two dogs and two cats.


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