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Cyberpunk 2077 Is Off To A Tough Start

Cyberpunk launched yesterday for PC users around 7pm EST and boy is it demanding. PC players have jumped to Reddit to discuss their experiences so far. It appears that most users running the latest Nvidia 3000 series GPUs are enjoying the best performance. Users who are running with the 2000 series GPUs seem to also be enjoy decent performance numbers. PC players using these cards are reporting that they are experience decent to good FPS depending upon what settings are on/off. There are a multitude of options outside of the standard quality choices (high, medium, low) or resolution. The newer Nvidia cards allow for raytracing and DLSS which can adversely effect the performance.

Many users using the slightly older Nvidia cards like the 1080 or 1080Ti are reporting some disappointing numbers. It seems that most people on a 1080Ti are struggling to run the game at 4K at 60FPS even on low graphical settings. I’m currently running 1080Ti Zotac Amp Extreme, AMD Ryzen 3700x, and 32GB or ram at 3200MHZ and I personally have played the game for roughly 4 hours. I can confirm that even at 1440p on high, the game struggles in highly populated areas hitting around 40-45FPS. Sometimes it even dips down to 35FPS. I seem to push 50-55FPS in indoor areas.

The console users are the ones that seem to be experiencing the worst graphical performances. CD Projekt Red has only released the PS4 and Xbox One versions with the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions coming in February 20201. Players can play the last gen versions with enhancements on the current gen consoles but even still, many have complained on Twitter and Reddit about the poor performance. Players are complaining of severely low FPS in highly populated areas claiming severe frame rate drops, well below 30FPS in some cases.

When you add on the fact that Cyberpunk was pushed back multiple times, devs still time crunching even after promises they wouldn’t, and not releasing review copies of last gen – it equals all the makings of a very tough launch.

I will say that I have really enjoyed the game itself in the limited time I have had with it. The game has all the fixin’s that any sci-fi fan could want and is huge open world for players to explore. I look forward my continued play through and I only hope that CDPR can continue to improve and optimize the game on all platforms.

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