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Xbox Series X Prototype Images and HDD Specs Leaked

At about 1:43am EST, a user by the name of CurryPanda shared 2 photos of what appears to be an Xbox Series X Prototype on Neogaf. The serial number can be seen clearly with a “PROTOTYPE - NOT FOR SALE.” At the time of this writing it has yet to be confirmed but does appear to be legit. This wouldn’t be the first time a big name product has had photos leaked as the same happened to the iPhone X and the Xbox 360.

Around 6:45pm last night, a Twitter user by the name of Postradamus, shared a screenshot from a job posting related to the Xbox Series X based in Taiwan confirming that the system will be using NVme Gen4 meaning speeds over 7GB/s. Compare that to the Xbox One X hard drive speed which is around 750MB/s.

Let me know what you all think about this in the comments!

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